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Lumber & Plywood Engineered Wood Trusses Doors Moldings

    Welcome to Tamarack Lumber Inc.

    Tamarack Lumber specializes in the home building industry. We have several fully qualified estimators on staff to help our customers through any home building project. While the majority of our product is sold to contractors and builders, Tamarack Lumber is your choice for any of your wood-related, home building or renovation projects.

    We will supply just the right amount of top quality lumber for decks, or enough to build a neighbourhood of homes. We also have a truss facility and hardware store of retail products on site for your convenience. Please take a tour of our yard. So, whether you're a builder, contractor, or making your own backyard fence, come to Tamarack Lumber and you won't need to go elsewhere. Tamarack Lumber is part of the Alpa Lumber Group of companies.


    Think Tamarack for your lumber needs